We have compiled a report comparing  List price vs days on the market - within 2 mile of our office in Downtown Golden.   Despite our changing market - Golden is still seeing  strong pricing and lower days on the market then most other areas of Denver. We will be including a blog on the Denver area's list price vs days on the market in the next few days.   As always, we are happy to prepare a market analysis or assist you in any other way with your property needs. 

The criteria for our chart are as follows:

  1. Time frame is from Jan 2013 to Aug 2018
  2. Latitude, Longitude is within 2.00 mi of 514 9th St, Golden, CO 80401, USA
  3. Type is one of 'Attached Single Family', 'Detached Single Family'
  4. MLS is one of 'REcolorado', 'REcolorado (ROCC)', 'REcolorado (SSBR)'
  5. Matrix Testing (System) is no
  6. Is Deleted (System) is no
  7. Results calculated from approximately 890 listings