When looking at Year to date Inventory levels in Golden ( within 3 miles of our office)  we can see that the average # of listings in January was about 27. Inventory levels rose in February to an average of 33, but as we begin the month of March inventory levels are dropping. This is pretty typical of the seasonal real estate market.  After Charismas, buyers traditionally are just "looking", and not yet ready to move forward with their purchase.  As spring and summer approach, buyers are now ready to actually submit a purchase contract, thereby decreasing inventory levels.   When we analyze prices over this same time frame, we see an average price of approx $625000 in January, decreasing to the March average pricepoint of $600000.    


What does this mean for you ?  This is a great time to get into Golden- rates are still fantastic, and prices appear to have leveled off, and slightly decreased, at least for now.  We are always happy to answer any questions you have- pls reach out anytime 720-363-5626.  

List Price & # of listings

Time frame is from Jan 2019 to Mar 2019

Latitude, Longitude is within 3.00 mi of 514 9th St, Golden, CO 80401, USA

Type is one of 'Attached Single Family', 'Detached Single Family'

MLS is one of 'REcolorado', 'REcolorado (ROCC)'