We all end up with clutter. Whether it's weeks, months or even years worth of 'stuff', the changing of seasons may inspire us to clean house. Whether you are looking to list your home, buy a home or simply update areas of your space, here are some simple, helpful tips that may shift your perspective when it comes to getting rid of clutter!

  • Snap a Photo- A picture can be helpful when it comes time to evaluate the unnecessary items in each space.
  • Start with a closet, drawer, or small, less intimidating space.
  • As you sort through items ask yourself- Has this been used in the last year? If it hasn't been used, decide if it qualifies as storage, donation or junk and toss it.
  • Create more livable square feet that relates to a variety of buyers by opening up each room with minimal colors, minimal clutter and clean lines.
  • Use 'pretty' storage containers and cubbies for a more visually appealing, organized look.

Lastly, have fun :) This can be cleansing for the home and the mind!